Bed #3 – The Rule


A brief return to normality before a Christmas break on the blog. After all the effort that producing ‘my albums of 2015’ I’m feeling a bit of blog fatigue. My ‘ones to watch in 2016’ will follow in the New Year.

I’m happy to admit that for the past couple of months keeping up with everything to do with the blog has become more and more of a chore and for the first time I’ve considered cutting back the amount of time I spend on it – my free time – around work, family – I have two children – social life and leisure activities. It’s a good job I’m a late-night person. It’s not so much the writing of blogs or the listening of some frankly awesome new music but the mundane. Keeping up with the hundreds of emails – my inbox is currently over 1,100 whereas in the summer I kept it below 200. On January 1st I’m going to press ‘delete all’ to relieve the pressure it brings.

Sometimes it’s easy to think that no one is reading all this shite I post too, what with blog readers meaning you don’t even visit the sites you read anymore, no comment activity on posts, the common decency of link-backs from other blogs all but lost, PR companies asking you to feature tracks you’ve already posted thus showing they aren’t exactly checking their sources and perhaps even artists themselves more interested in chasing meaningless cut and posted paragraphs on a ‘named blog’ rather than decent features in small, independent ones. It means that running a blog can be a one way experience much of the time and making for less than fun hobby, and that’s what this is to me, a fun hobby. Music, of course, is still fun. For me, though, other than the music I discover I keep this blog running primarily to hear stories of 'I discovered this band through your blog' or just a thanks too. That's always nice. 

Anyway, that’s my pre-Christmas whine out of the way, let’s get on with some new music and the return of Portland trio Bed. “The Rule” is their latest track, the first from an EP to follow in 2016. It’s faithful to the sound we first heard from them last year on “Bother” and “Wayward”, a luscious cocktail of slowed down grunge guitars and sumptuous vocals, complete with sweet, softening harmonies and glistening chorus, it draws you completely in and leaves you waiting for more. 

More will happen next April, when Bed's EP is due via Portland's own Bug Hunt - pre-order link