Aisha Badru - New Music "Introducing"

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An almost immediate write up following a submission follows, such is the potency of the tales told within. It didn't take me very many seconds to fall for the music of Aisha Badru, a New York based singer/songwriter whose just released her debut EP Vacancy (available now via Bandcamp), just a few chords of the beautiful "Waiting Around" and I was smitten, the release,  four tracks telling familiar tales of unrequited love and delivered through stark, circling guitars and deliciously pure vocals brings immediate solace and satisfaction.

"Waiting Around", like much of the release, is a relatively simple, honest, track which flutters around Aisha's stunning tone, her soulful vocal captivating amongst stripped back acoustic guitar and occasional flourishes of pared back strings. "Never Mind" is similarly sparse and relies on the power and grace of her songcraft, quite introspective, quite melancholy but not sad, Vacancy is a record that has quite the opposite effect in fact, a healing, warming sensation is almost certain to follow. 

The title track is hushed, soothing and affecting with the highlight probably the delicious "Navy Blues" with its chiming guitar patterns and organic textures, vulnerable and intimate, it brings that tingly feeling you have when you discover something wonderful. Vacancy is that good, go fall in love below.