Lizard Kisses #4 - In the Morning


Lizard Kisses are a  band I've featured here for almost four yeas now, the New York duo of Cory Siegler & Marc Merza whom have released a series of beautiful soft-pop songs which I quite accurately summed up back in July 2011 when saying they 'wrap you up in a feeling like you've stepped inside your Instagram app and are viewing life through a vintage filter'.

Their latest track "In The Morning", taken from a 7" due via Bleeding Gold (pre-order via the band) does exactly that, through minimal, woozy guitar patterns it exudes this blissfully warm feeling of contentment to the listener, soaking them within half-awake visions of pure nostalgia and beauty. Gorgeous is the word to describe it best.

New listeners, if you like this (and if you possess ears you should), you'll find a whole treasure cove of similarly swoonsome songs on Lizard Kisses' soundcloud