This is the Kit #2 - Silver John


Last month, when I talked about This is the Kit's "Bashed Out" I mentioned how they epitomise all that is good in music to me, that case is reinforced today with the release of the second track taken from their forthcoming LP (also called Bashed Out) "Silver John". 

As effortless and pure as anything you'll hear "Silver John" swoons around subtle, smooth textures as lush instrumentation and Kate's gorgeous, intimate vocal guide you on the most serene of journeys. You'd be completely forgiven for ignoring that there's talk of not being ready for an impending apocalypse within the lyrics. With music like this, I'm certainly not ready to reenact The Walking Dead...

Bashed Out is released on April 6th and is already destined to be one of my favourite releases of the year, you can pre-order via Bandcamp.