Belle Mare #2 - Cicada


Well Belle Mare snuck this one out didn't they?!  It's been a little over two years since I posted about the project that began as the Brooklyn based duo of Amelia Bushell and Thomas Servidone and is now expanded to a quintet with their spacious, sparse and overwhelming beautiful debut The Boat of The Fragile Mind.  

Their first track since "Cicada" was shared last month but came to my attention the other night when the band popped up on my Facebook. It still, despite hitting about 5% of your audience has some use it seems. As soon as I saw there was a new song I pressed play and was immediately smitten. What awaits is their most complete, compelling offering to date. 

"Cicada" is a slowly seducing five minute epic that marriages those early traits with a new expansive, dramatic palette. Amelia's haunting, soulful vocals will still immediately weaken your knees and the instrumentation remains as darkly hued and unhurried as ever, gently and woozily eking into your soul before wham, at three minutes there's a quite unexpected explosion of noise, crashing drums and expansive guitarscapes colliding at odds with  the indescribable emotions on display throughout.  It's just wonderful. There's an album promised later in the year, I can't wait.