Honeyblood #5 - The Black Cloud


I'm going to put to one side my personal (and an increasingly large number of other people's) criticism of Record Store Day for a moment to solely concentrate on a track that was shared on wax in stores last Saturday (and will no doubt be available online this coming Saturday). 

Honeyblood's "The Black Cloud" couples the already blogged "No Big Deal" as a stand-alone 7" release, what follows is a riotous four minute anthem much akin to the duo's live show. A chaotic blend of amped-up guitar fuzz and fist pumping drums.

The release sees new drummer Cat Myers make her recorded debut behind the sticks and the band progress in terms of raw energy and noise, the first half of the track is arguably the band at their heaviest and most aggressive before a break and the slowly swelling finale amongst the repeated "all we want to see is blue skies". It leaves you itching for more.

The band have been in the States touring for much of 2015 so far but return to UK shores for shows at numerous festival starting next week. Don't miss them.