Chelsea Wolfe #13 - Iron Moon


It never feels like long between Chelsea Wolfe albums and indeed it's usually not. Her debut LP The Grime and The Glow came out right at the end of 2010 and in the four & a half years since we've had two more studio albums, an acoustic album and a live release (alongside various other projects). Given Pain is Beauty, Chelsea's third record came out in September 2013 that probably made yesterday's news of her fourth LP, entitled Abyss and due August 7th via Sargent House overdue.

The news came coupled with a stream of “Iron Moon“ a track which wastes absolutely no time in re-introducing her Gothic world, it's absolutely immense. The whole track is a masterclass in the loud/quiet dynamic in which Chelsea has excelled for ages, it keeps you on edge throughout. At its peak there are these frankly terrifying noises which beg you into submission, filled with heavy sludge-laden guitars and colossal vocal howls filled with intensity and then suddenly the track breaks and instead of dense maelstroms of brutal instrumentation you're listening to a tortured, naked voice with minimal accompaniment, raw, primal and shiveringly intimate, "Iron Moon" is everything you'd expect from Chelsea Wolfe and then some.

Abyss can be pre-ordered in Europe/UK by heading here.