Colornoise - Amalie

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I've posted about a couple of bands from Costa Rica on this blog before, Las Robertas and The Great Wilderness are both still brilliant, let's add a third now.  Colornoise whom come to my attention with their new track "Amalie", (but have two albums pre-dating it), the first single taken from an upcoming EP due out at the end of the year.

Colornoise is the newly expanded trio of Sonya, Alison & Mari (since the addition of Mari) and "Amalie" sees the band on confident form from the off, a slow-brooding intensity simmers throughout with  beautifully textured guitarscapes gripping amongst gorgeously rich vocals, there's a dark, compelling edge to the haunting pysche groove track that doesn't let you go, somewhere between a duel at dawn and dangerously alluring. I like it.