Dream Wife - New Music "Introducing"


I came across Brighton & Reykjavik trio Dream Wife thanks to Wednesday's Pins post (the band have been announced as support for their show at the Lexington on May 27th - tickets). I haven't found too much information other than the fact they are currently on their debut UK headlining tour, so I'll cut straight to the chase and talk about their track "Believe", the only song I have to go on at this time...

What follows is a wonderful kaleidoscopic track which immediately draws you into its skittish, spiraling world. It transports me back to the disco beats and teen rush of the late 90's, full of exuberant, dreamy (of course) vocals and cutting, hypnotic riffs. The spunky "Believe" is the sort of track that will compel you to dance around like a wierdo. That can only be a good thing.