Big Deal #4 - Veronica


As I walked out of seeing Big Deal play in the rather cramped, smelly (venues that would rather sell food than have bands play is becoming increasing popular and is absolutely infuriating), poorly equipped Stillery venue in Camden the other week I tweeted a picture of the band along with words something similar to 'Big Deal have taken it up another notch on the new stuff. Can't wait for the new album'. Well two weeks later and we have the first sign of its imminent arrival, the wonderful "Veronica".

The track is the perfect marriage of what Big Deal do best, entwining gorgeous dual vocals with shimmering guitarscapes that cause heartbreak and dreamful nostalgia in equal measures before rising to the most earth shattering of finales. "Veronica" is huge. Big Deal should be huge. Go listen to them.

They support Drenge in London in a few weeks but I was silly and never got a ticket (Pins are also supporting). Enjoy it your lucky fools.