Liza Anne #5 - Take It Back


I'm still annoyed that I missed Liza Anne when she played a few shows here in the UK last summer, I'm hoping that the news of Two, her second release will perhaps give me chance to make amends. The track "Take It Back" is the latest song to be heard from the aforementioned seven track EP (after November's beguiling "Room") and sees Liza expand on her bruised, vulnerable songcraft further, where "Room" hinted at a growth in her musical palette with widescreen guitar textures and big, echoing percussion "Take it Back" progresses even further.

Now we see Liza shed her acoustic guitar in favour of electric with its shimmering textures bright and right at the front of the track which grows around twinkling keys and an increasingly bold rhythm section accompanying her ever-pure vocal and defiant lyrics. "Take it Back" may be different than anything we've heard from Liza Anne before but it's just as impeccable.