Miya Folick - Talking with Strangers


I'd never heard of Miya Folick until today when she was retweeted into my Soundcloud page timeline, a listen to her newly released track "Talking with Strangers" and about 90 seconds later I'm left wondering quite how that had come to pass...

The track is a near six minute journey of heartbreak and sublime songcraft that is constructed similarly to Sharon Van Etten's most explosive work, it sees swelling guitar licks circle around Miya's show-stopping vocal, completely captivating as it exudes a full spectrum of emotion throughout. Empowering, haunting, vulnerability, desire, the songs versatility lingers long after the end is signalled by a crescendo of crashing percussion, ringing guitar and the repeated calls of "how did I miss this lesson when I was young". 

Miya has a whole bunch of work in progress tunes on Soundcloud and a 2013 EP (via Bandcamp) to investigate for fellow newbies... Music, you never fail me.