Lucy Rose #5 - Like An Arrow


It's been three years since I've featured Lucy Rose here, not because I don't like her music any more just because of time and when presented with twenty acts to post about, I tend to favour those with less 'exposure'. Let's face it, the chances are you've read about this post on ten other music blogs but perhaps not the brand new, debut track I featured the other day. I decided to buck that trend with Lucy's latest track "Like An Arrow" for the simple reason that I like it and it made me feel all fuzzy and giddy and after another busy weekend, a happy release of emotion is just what I need as I sit down for the evening and thoughts turn towards the next week.

Lucy has shed much of the lonesome fragility of her pre-debut material and instead "Like An Arrow" is full of an impeccable, uptempo sheen that's impossible not to tap your toe along too, and when coupled with Lucy's wholly beautifully, intoxicating vocal, a smile cannot help but follow.

Lucy Rose releases her second album Work It Out on July 6th.