Miya Folick #2 - I Got Drunk / Strange Darling


I've got a whole lot of posts I'm far behind on, so far behind in fact that here, one post becomes two. Miya Folick provided one of those 'cor' moments earlier this year with the sublime "Talking With Strangers", she's not let up since with two more brilliant tracks shared in as many months...

First came the melodic yearning of "I Got Drunk", where growling guitars, confessional lyrics and direct vocals sum up the emotion and passion stirred by perhaps one too many whereas latest track "Strange Darling" is different than what we've heard from Miya before, it's starker, prettier, more comforting and yet it remains just as captivating, capturing your heart with fluttering instrumentation and soft-focus vocals. It's just beautiful.

You can download a bundle of Miya's three 2015 tracks via Bandcamp now.