Editors #9 - Marching Orders


Two taster tracks in and I'm absolutely itching for Editors fifth album (still unannounced and undated but given there is a full UK/Euro tour for October and beyond, I'd expect the album to come along shortly beforehand). "Marching Orders" follows the brilliantly brooding synths of "No Harm" and is similarly full of slow building anxiety.

Editors have long been one of my favouite bands, as I've said on these pages often already. I love how they can effortlessly blend these beautifully tense moments of extended cinematic melodrama with searing, guitar led anthems, "Marching Orders" combines darkly hued synths and is the longest track the band have released to date at almost eight minutes, drenched in raw emotion with Tom's rousing vocals and pulsating beats shimmering to its extended finale, for me at least, it's instant love.

The track is released on vinyl through a partnership with  Oxfam, if you are lucky you may find one of 300 hand stamped 12” in a store near you (if you are in the UK, Germany and Belgium that is).