Mammút #2 – Blood Burst


Something I requested on my last Mammút post has come true, a London show. Unfortunately it's a Wednesday, an evening when I'm always looking after my Children so I cannot make it, I'll have to cope with their wonderful debut English language EP River's End instead. The second video taken from it "Blood Burst", is a track which sums up the intoxicating atmospheric energy of the Icelandic quintet and their live show. 

“Blood Burst” rushes and soars around shimmering, seething melody and beautifully hypnotic vocals, bringing together controlled aggression, otherworldly undertones and strong emotions. I'm sold (although you can keep all that icky stuff in the video away from me please, I've just got clean after Glastonbury!). 

Anyway, that London show for those of you whom can go - Wednesday 2nd September at the Sebright Arms - tickets.