Liza Anne #7 - Lost


Liza Anne has quietly crept up to become one of my favourite go-to songwriters to accompany the introspective, lonesome stillness of night (I seemingly find solace in music about, and to mend, the broken heart). 

Her second release Two came out last week and as my earlier posts on "Ocean" and "Take It Back" testify,  you should be listening to it (iTunes link), a breathtaking marriage of intimate beauty, hushed, reserved vocals and shimmering layers of instrumentation.

To accompany the release Liza has shared a stunningly choreographed dance video to the track "Lost" which perfectly embraces the personal emotion that her music delivers, covering you with a wistful yet warming melancholia that's akin to the most welcome of hugs after a long, weary journey. As ever, Liza's music lingers long after it finishes, another track that's haunting, delicate and completely gorgeous.

Liza is hopefully touring the UK this summer (and according to social media planning shows with Siv Jakobsen). I'll see you at the front.