Shura #6 - White Light / Three Years


A couple of weeks ago Shura returned with her biggest track yet "White Light" but I've been so busy I'm only just finding it (please direct any complaints to the makers of Witcher 3 and my bosses at work).

The track was the triumphant final song when I caught her in Brighton a couple of weeks back, a progressive 'club banger' made for its position as closing track. The sort of song that will in time see euphoric crowd reactions and dazzling neon lights, yet, my debut to the track was slightly more low-key, the lighting crew in Brighton had clearly gone home early and instead the room was bathed in a constant purple light. It mattered little in the grand scheme of things but something as soaring and inspired as "White Light" deserved better.

Adding a retro-club groove to her sound seems a natural move for Shura after a series of impeccable, 80's inspired pop/R&B classics and the track ticks every box you may have; funky guitars, glistening soundscapes and infectious choruses are all here in their number. Colour me smitten.

If you still want more, you are in luck. Last week Shura released a live performance film which brings together three tracks into one breathtaking video that runs at eleven minutes in length, "2 Shy" merging into "Touch" (still yet to be officially released, imagine how much her stock will raise then) and "Indecision". Move over Michael Jackson.