Clara Mae - Avalon


Hat tip to one of the dozen or so blogs I still frequently read WTGR for this discovery (you can find most of them in my blog roll). Clara Mae is a Swedish singer whom (with thanks to her bio) I learn once took part in the Swedish show Idol, which I can only assume is similar to a certain reality TV music show in this country. Fast forward to 2015 and she's firmly on her own two feet and releasing her debut single "Avalon" (not a Roxy Music cover, although I'd like to hear that too).

The track is a belter, pairing slick radio friendly electro-pop sheen with Clara's stunning vocal, her voice is powerful and dazzles throughout, the chorus hooks are almost Tay Swift good and the brooding beats and clean melody are far and above anything you'd expect to hear from the equivalent ex TV contestants here in the UK, I can see a bright, bright future ahead.