Night Games - New Music "Introducing"


The name Night Games lets you know the London based duo know their game (that's the second time today I've used a horrific pun, I can only apologise). That specifically is the end of the day, just as the sun is setting and you're ready to bring things down a little bit, my arrival point "Nine Days" (actually Night Games' second track after last years "Suffocate") is pure goosebumps, a gorgeous, languorous synth-pop gem that’s about to make your heart swoon, add in the one-two knockout of an equally sultry vocal and you may have just found your new favourite music makers.

The mood throughout “Nine Days” is dark and serene, there’s little change in tempo here aside from the addition of drums half way through, expect five irresistible minutes of blissful electronica that pulls you into an ambient universe and refuses to let you go. This is going to be massive, no?

“Nine Days” is released on July 31st, which also happens to be the day after my Birthday. I accept cake, curry and beer.