Lael Neale - I'll Be Your Man


The way to my heart is something you find throughout Lael Neale’s full length debut I'll Be Your Man, a gorgeous, drifting vocal seeped in hazy melancholy complimented by slowly unwinding instrumentation that gently reveals itself. I’ll be Your Man has these traits by the truck load and then some, the titles of the tracks know it too, “Pale Light of the Sun”, “To Be Sad”, “Because It’s Broken Me”, “Sleep to Remember”, you know you are not about to tune into your summer party playlist…

The immersive sadness of opener “White Daisy, Lace Gloves” sets the tone, a dark Americana sound littered with hollowed-out starkness and wistful lyrics. I’m completely in love with Lael’s vocal from the start, there’s the obvious Hope Sandoval comparison, her purposely deliberate pacing and heartache that gnaws at you within her every word. You’re immediately wrapped in a warming blanket of hopeless nostalgia.

The seductive, woozy feeling runs throughout, be it during the gorgeous string laden “Cinnamon & Dust”, the listless “Dead Bird” or the slow burn and resigned daydreams of “Black & White”. Another highlight is “Still Life” which grows from butterfly soft beginnings to as fiery a conclusion as the album offers filled with shimmering percussion whilst “Born in the Summer” is the most upbeat track on the record, where a stomping drum beat propels jangly guitars and defiant vocals.

I’ll Be Your Man is a beautiful created album made for a lazy afternoon or those solitary late nights, go pour a glass of whisky and enjoy this treat of a record. The album is available buy now via Bandcamp.