Hinds - Chili Town


Often when a band is surrounded by 'buzz' and 'hype' it quickly slows down, how often have the 'best new thing' become nothing after little more than two or three months. Madrid's Hinds however are still going strong fifteen months after my introduction to the quartet. They played to more people than I'd ever seen them do before at Glastonbury last month and they pulled it off with effortless ease, a typically enthusiastic, infectious show which amassed an impressive lunch time sized crowd. There were a vast number of people singing along to "Bamboo" and "Trippy Gum" and the girls seemed genuinely gob-smacked. This reciprocal show of affection certainly helps Hinds to win over more hearts. It's so refreshing to see musicians enjoying what they are doing, I imagine playing the same song can be boring after 5,000 times but you can bet there are a lot of people in the audience who've never heard it live before...

Fast forward to this week and the announcement of "Chili Town", taken from a forthcoming debut album, naturally it's full of breezy, summer vibes with purposely ramshackle guitar jangles and infectious call and response vocals, it's more laid-back than their earlier singles and was apparently written whilst drinking sangria, I think that calls for another glass right about now.

Hinds play in a last minute show in London tonight to celebrate their label Lucky Numbers 10th birthday. It's already sold-out. Whaaaaat! Enjoy it, you lucky kids.