Chungking - Defender


I'm going to listen to your band if you're called Chungking for one simple reason, Chungking Express is one of my favourite films. The similarity could be purely coincidental with my discovery of the Brighton band of (partly) the same name, the trio released their third album Defender last month, their first in eight years (which perhaps explains it).

"Beautiful World" is the sparkling, sensual song that serves as my introduction, a gorgeously smooth track which charms around it's delightfully progressive melody, a tapestry of soft-focus instrumentation spacey atmosphere. Also taken from the album is the beautiful "Sapphire", a sparser, mellow track where a finger-plucked guitar and twinkling piano keys beguile around an absolutely stunning vocal, it's stop you in your tracks good.

The self-released Defender is available now. You can get it on CD/Vinyl from Resident