Night Flowers #4 - Sleep


Wow, this is brilliant. I'll admit I was a little bit cynical before I pressed play on the new Night Flowers single "Sleep" for one simple reason, I'm not generally a fan of vocalist changes. For me, vocals and lyrics are always number one in importance and when a band I associate with a certain sound changes, I can find it difficult. A bit like when your favourite pub gets rid of the jukebox and goes all Gastro pub. Or the Queen songs where Roger Taylor sings (minus "I'm In Love With My Car"). Yet here, the introduction of Sophia Pettit sees the London based quintet truly step up to the mark.

The track has everything I've heard from the band before, a beautiful, shimmering melody and soft, intoxicating vocals which entwine around jangly guitar hooks and precise percussion but it's slicker too, shining bright and gliding you towards gorgeous wistful memories in no time at all. To sum "Sleep" up in three words, pure pop gold. 

There's a 7" vinyl due on September 25th (via Dirty Bingo Records), the day before the band play a free show at London's Victoria (details). It's in the diary.