Cats of Transnistria - Thunder Comes


I’m pretending right now that I’ve got an extended break from work and that I’m spending a week blissfully relaxing, after the sun-kissed vibe of “Big Sis” from Sales earlier I discover the Helsinki based duo Cats of Transnistria, it’s not to the beach now though, more likely an introspective hour sitting lonesome surrounded by a dense darkening forest or some personal space in the seclusion of your own room

“Thunder Comes” is exquisite, a magical six minute experience which reaches deep with a lulling, longing sensation, the lasting impression is one of great beauty as the contrast between soft, ringing guitars, heavenly harmonies and searing guitar noise carries you towards a dreamy, yearning world.

An earlier EP Away is available via Bandcamp. It’s incredible too. Its bookends are perhaps the finest moments, kicking off with “Violet”, an eight minute tour-de-force with tense atmosphere and soaring vocals and finishing with “The Departure”, starker, softer with drifting organ and hypnotic vocals.

August has really come up trumps for new music, long may it continue.