Living Hour - Living Hour


Let’s stick in Canada and stick with immersive, hazy pop. Living Hour though sound more like the trippy come down after the thrilling ride of Twin River posted earlier. Their debut, self-titled album was released last week, Feb 19th via the ever reliable Lefse Records  and offers a compelling introduction to a luxurious world of dream-folk filled with a haunting, soothing atmosphere and enchanting darkness.

“Summer Smog” sums up the eight track release perfectly in both its title and sound; there’s these long, dense instrumentals and rich, swirling ambiance which fills your mind with a lingering nostalgia and blissful melancholy. “This is the Place” similarly stirs with never hurried, brooding atmosphere that entwines echoed percussion with progressive, foggy soundscapes and the most exquisite of vocals into six minutes of enchanting dream-pop. I must name check the thick riffs of the purposely slow “Steady Glazed Eyes” too. It’s bloody gorgeous.

Much the same can be said for the rest of the record, a whole experience with a constant theme of atmosphere that interlocks together and allows each track to shine. If you're looking for a gorgeous, psychedelic trip to soundtrack your lazy day, well Living Hour will not disappoint. 

Even better news for us UK dwellers.... The band were today announced the amongst the latest additions to May's Great Escape. See you in Brighton.