Palms on Fire #3 - Where Are The Grey Clouds Going?


Let's not beat around the bush. "Sword and Shield" is one of the best songs of 2016 so far. An absolutely huge, infectious guitar riff that swamps your mind almost instantly amongst playful, shimmering rhythms and Anna Kislova's striking, honey toned vocals.

It comes from Palms on Fire, a Russian band I've featured here way back in 2010 (way to make me think I'm old and wasting my life!) and again in 2014, the recently released (January 26th) Where Are The Grey Clouds Going? is their debut album (currently only a digital only release via Shelflife - we need a physical copy guys!).

The release is a joy throughout, combining the gorgeously contagious feeling that "Sword and Shield' gives you on the equally catchy "Cars" (an older track revisited) and the funky bass heavy "Life is not a Chase" with a more, sun-kissed, melodic side best heard on the delightful "Sun Creatures" and "Golden Kid". Here the trio are softer, more elegant and the result is the melting of hearts. 

The album glistens with indie pop charm throughout and it makes me think of Just Handshakes (who are sadly missed), that's never a band thing. Go and listen.