Alanna Eileen - In Your Hands


I'm going to start this new chapter in the blog with the sort of artist who time has stopped me from writing about. In fact I had three emails starred to follow up on but hadn't until today when one of them jumped out of the page I was deleting emails from.

Instantly it's love, Australian singer-songwriter Alanna Eileen has a rare sort of pure-toned vocal that grabs you the instant you hear it. "Motion" is the track I first heard, the lead track to her second EP In Your Hands (self released last month via Bandcamp) and it's just genuinely gorgeous. Her voice intoxicates as it weaves a pretty tapestry around a twinkling, circling piano melody and soon I am transported back to Sognsvann Lake where I was on Saturday, but this time not running around snow covered paths but lazing amongst an idyllic summer day backdrop dreaming about something far greater than day to day chores of life.

It's a stunning EP, both simplistic and deep and hugely listenable with a set of songs that feel warm and caressing despite the darkness of the intimate subjects. The tracks switch between piano and acoustic guitar through, tender tales of melodic bliss with the title tracks exquisite strings and piano an obviously highlight, whilst the hauntingly beautiful vocals of "Blind Side" will chill you to the bone.

"Mahogany" is an almost jaunty folk track and "Love the Ghost" is another that's so incredibly clear and natural that you'll want to savour each note until it melts your heart.

What this rushed, concise review is basically saying is listen below and enter the most beguiling, poetic world you'll hear this week/month/year.