Silent Wave - Dancing Away From You / War


Well this is a bit good. Silent Wave are from Gothenburg and "War" is the song that introduced me to the trio, taken from their recently released single "Dancing Away From You" which I subsequently listened to and feature here too.

"War" is probably my favourite of the two, a synth pop number by name but much more interesting that that, combining darkened yet undulating soundscapes laden with strings and this captivating, swaying vocal whilst "Dancing Away From You" is more in your face, a headlong rush of euphoria from the get-go, recalling all your favourite 80's industrial-pop moments as cinematic synths collide with propeller like beats and soft vocals. It's gloriously moody and mysterious. 

The single is out now via Silence (which I believe is related to the incredible Luxury label). Grab a digital copy or super limited 7" via Bandcamp now.