Alex Lahey - Let's Go Out


'Let's go out and have fun tonight, let's go out and get drunk tonight' sings Alex Lahey on "Let's Go Out", my introduction to the Melbourne singer and something I wish I did myself two hours ago to avoid the torture of watching the latest England friendly snorefest. Seriously, why do I keep bothering with our National Football Team, we are appalling. It's the Euro's next week. I cannot wait.

Anyway, Alex Lahey appears to be riding the crest of a wave this week with her earlier track "You Don't Think You Like People Like Me" named 'Best New Track' by Pitchfork. They coin the inevitable Courtney Barnett comparison because, I assume, they are both Australian and both female. Either way, Alex's tracks are catchy and upbeat, filled with forthright drums, jagged guitars and effortless vocals, the sort that should probably be played in the England changing room before they walk onto the pitch to potentially make them move less like they've just eaten a massive Sunday roast and washed it down with a few shandy's...

I believe both tracks are lifted from Alex's debut EP due later this year, that promises to be great.