Lazy Day #4 - Disappear


It's been a long eighteen months since we last heard from the brilliant London quartet Lazy Day so I'm very glad to have news of a new track "Disappear" come my way to start a new week afresh...

“Disappear” is actually an old track that was on Tilly's Soundcloud ages ago, that original demo was a solo lament played out through ringing guitar patterns and magnetising vocal (it makes me old to think it's five and a half years since I first heard it). The newly released single version however is fully formed (and is due via Lost Map on 7" vinyl November 4th), it retains the ambient beginnings, chiming and nonchalant guitar flanking the front and centre vocals before exploding at around the minute mark with tight percussion and cascading melody. It's brilliant.

There's a live show at London's Victoria on November 10th. Come (details).