Weyes Blood #3 - Do You Need My Love


I'm massively into the music of Weyes Blood, I said pretty much that a last month when I talked about "Seven Worlds" and I'm going to say it again now with the brilliant "Do You Need My Love", the second track to be heard from her, real name Natalie Mering, forthcoming LP Front Row Seat To Earth due October 21st via Mexican Summer.

Seven minutes in length and the most ambitious track from Weyes Blood to date, "Do You Need My Love" is both expected and completely unexpected. It starts typically atmospheric and lush and soon you are transported to the past with a sumptuous melody and Natalie's gorgeous vocal tone taking you on a vintage waltz before the track transforms at the four minute mark with a trippy, spaced-out interlude that's more Pink Floyd than moody, spectral folk. I love it.

I shall be expecting to see fellow Londoners at The Waiting Room come Tuesday November 22nd...