Courtney Marie Andrews - Honest Life


My entry point to Courtney Marie Andrews is the sort of thing I used to do all the time in my university days (far too long ago now), walk into a record shop (this time it was Resident Records during a recent trip to Brighton) and randomly pick (and buy) an album purely based on the cover art, the track list names and the record shop blurb (heart on the sleeve country ballads was more than enough to part me with my hard earned). In this case, and many others down the years, the excitement of getting that record home and pressing play for the first time and taking that step into the unknown yielded exquisite results (and of course some utter horrors). It's a joy that the ease of streaming services and the Internet (and blogs like this) denies many. 

I picked Honest Life, my introduction to the Los Angeles basedsongwriter but actually her third LP (official, I believe there are a few that pre-date the three left on streaming services) and my instinct was spot on, the album is a treasure from start to last, filled with intimate and sparse ballads coupled with pure toned vocals and striking simplicity.

I could pick a number of other tracks to focus on throughout Honest Life, the heart melting title track, the beautifully plaintive "Table For One" or the equally subtle power of "Let the Good One Go" but it's the 'biggest sounding' pairing of "How Quickly Your Heart Mends" and "Put The Fire Out" that hit me hardest, reminding me of the sorely missed (and soon to return, I hope, Caitlin Rose) with strong, empowered vocals and devastatingly honest words. 

It's one of two essential releases of 2017 already (I'll write about the other one very shortly).