Pikekyss - Tåke


Pikekyss achieved one of those very rare things at By:Larm (for me at least), produced a set I absolutely loved (and went back for a second helping of during the festival) without me having a bloody clue what they were saying! I find out after that these two shows were the bands first with a new vocalist, so consider me further impressed.

It was all there, tight harmonies, controlled and energetic percussion and shimmering guitars, the lead guitarist is perhaps the star but that takes nothing away from the gorgeous vocals, I just cannot understand a word of what they sing. As I leave both Mono and Herr Nilsen where the band play I cannot help but think this Is melodic pop made for the bigger musical audience of the UK, call me a philistine but I really hope the band translate or produce some English language track soon.  Earlier EP called Tåke contains a couple of tracks I remember fondly from the shows and provides a great taster to the band "Hjemlengsel" and "Hjertebank" (complete with plenty of singalong ooh's and aah's). Think all your favourite indie pop moments (just in Noreweign).