Ponette - I'm Alone


I only caught 2/3's of Ponette's set at BLÅ because I was rushing over from Mono after seeing Julia Jacklin, I was certainly left wanting more (so if you are free to pop over to the UK any time soon that would be great) after a set that was different than I was expecting after listening to their debut EP I'm Alone earlier that day but at the same time was exhilirating and left me with a massive smile on my face. 

On record Ponette sound pure and gorgeous, take "Relief" and "I'm Alone" as examples, spacious, restrained electro-pop filled with a melancholic and dreamy atmosphere that's perfect for the Nordic winter, icy and somewhat dreamy but filled with more than a hint of darkness. It's this later sound that comes alive during the show, morphing into a thrilling beast where apocalyptic sounding percussion collides with soaring guitars and punchy pop choruses that come somewhere between shoegaze and Paramore. I love it. 

Amazing photo by @magnordstrand.