Strange Hellos – We Are Trouble

Another band discovered at By:Larm (I cannot believe it was a week ago already) is Strange Hellos, a Norwegian super group of sorts (all the artists have other bands they'd call home) whom are gearing up to release an album later this year and arrive to me new and unheard at Sentrum Scene last week, I was more than happy with what I discovered thereafter (so much so that I went to see them again at their second set the next day).

Recent single "Monumental" sums up Stange Hello's sound well, a band that seem to have perfected the knack of writing gorgeous pop songs with more than a penchant for a romantic, wistful melody all wrapped in a wash of fuzz. "We Are Trouble" is even more addictive, filled with beautifully hazy vocals and a lovely, warm nostalgic guitar sound. It's the sort of thing we've all been listening to for years (and will do for years to come).