Gil Scott-Heron - I'm New Here

15 years since the last album, it's hardly surprisingly the name wasn't familiar with me, but I have a feeling Gil Scott-Heron will do in 2010 what Johnny cash did in the mid 90's with his American Recording albums, this album is dark, very dark, but also honest, touching and effortless.

I'll Take care of you (a cover) is beautiful, Me and the Devil's title says it all. The title track, another cover is a stand out too.

The spoken interludes may put a few people off, but the songs within are beautiful and brutal at the same time - something very few records can manage successfully - You can listen to all of the new album I'm New Here below - highly recommended. Can buy with yet another super bonus CD from Rough Trade here.

and also, here is the rather dark video for the single Me and the Devil