Sorry really busy, hopefully has some nice things tomorrow, if not Monday as away for the weekend, but a quick post to say fear not, Hurts were fucking wonderous.

Will Young was there so he obviously thinks so too. They will go far. Highlight was a new song (to me) called Stay - epic.

Opera singer with them, a drummer and additional keys. Theo was great on vocals - wonderful voice - was holding a comb a bit too much, but I think it will be a 'I was there' moment. See Hurts when they next tour.
Apparently we have to wait till August for the album which is a bit of a shitter!

Lovely venue, bit too loud probably, sound was a but muffled, still took nothing away from the gig.

Catch them on the NME Radar Tour late April and May - Hurts in a full tour is great news, this could well be the only chance to catch them in small venues.

Heres a vid, not mine...