Marina & The Diamonds #3 - I Am Not A Robot

I've not posted about Marina in a while, probably because in all honesty I've gone off her a wee bit - her first singles were great, pop but pop in a good way, Obsessions / Mogwli's Road and I Am Not A Robot a highlight, but, to be honest I've listened to the album a few times and minus those singles it's pretty dishwater to me - Shampain / Girls / Oh No! spring instantly to mind. Perhaps over-produced, perhaps the anti-fame yet on covers of magazines spiel gets to me a bit...

I saw her at an MTV show in Jan, I thought it was pretty good, she could sing pretty well but I left not blown away,  I'll probably check her out again down the line, just once the hype dies down a bit.

Here is the video for an undeniably great track, "I am not a Robot":