Cold Cave #3 - Live at Terminal 5, New York

Another short set, this time from Cold Cave, another one time Editors support and another fantastic live act. This one is from the back end of last year.

I'm really looking forward to Cold Cave's UK return. I didn't really know them before they were annouced for Editors' March tour and I know they won over quite a few fans on that little stint. Love Comes Close really is a fantastic album and I hope they can continue it with whatever comes next.

Cold Cave - 21st November 2009 Live at Terminal 5, New York, NY
I.C.D.K 4:38
Life Magazine 2:59
The Laurels of Erotomania 3:43
New Track 5:28
New Track #2 2:39
Love Comes Close 4:29
Theme From Tomorrowland 5:23