Spider - New Music "Introducing"


To be honest, when I heard the name Spider I was not expecting what I got, the name made me think of a rock band, I'm not sure why. The solo work of Jane Herships is definitely not that...

This is just beautiful, perfect for late night listening when you need something to savour after a long day at the office or whatever you may have been up to.
Throughout the songs are delicate, comforting and beautiful. I am liking this alot. See "White Swan" for a perfect example.

The album is called Things We Liked to Hold and you can download it from bandcamp. It couldn't be any better really.

I almost forgot to mention where Spider (Jane Herships) is based - yep - Brooklyn. Conveyor belt of talent!

<a href="http://spider.bandcamp.com/album/things-we-liked-to-hold">White Snake by Spider (Jane Herships)</a>