Age of Giants - New Music "Introducing"

Without doubt, the band that I am most anticipating is "Age of Giants". The reason is simple. It's the new band of David Caggiari, lead single of "Apartment" (Very, very sadly no more it seems).

Now if you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know I think Apartment have one of the best albums of the last decade or so, The Dreamer Evasive is nothing short of phenomenal and I'm not quite sure why they never found the success they'd should have.

Songs like "People", "Pressures", "Ghosts of an Unforgivable Past" and the infectious "Fall into Place" do not deserve to be confined to the memories of so few.
Check back on my links for an introduction to Apartment if you don't know them.

Anyway, looking foward, Age of Giants only have one song up on their myspace so far.
You can stream it below.
Called "In Veils" it highlights a much different sound to Apartment, but like very much everything Mr Caggiari has done, for me it's a great track. Cannot wait for more to follow soon and hopefully some gig news too... Watch this space.

Age of Giants - In Veils by morrisday

Here is a live performance of what was originally a David song, which has no been re-done as an Age of Giants song: