Dirty Projectors #3 - New Show Annouced for Koko, London


Hardly a new band, however, for me Dirty Projectors have been a recent enough discovery, you can find a couple of recordings from them by checking the older posts via my labels...

I first saw them at Glastonbury when I was really only familiar with Bitte Orca, the show was fantastic, absolutely amazing. It was a shame they partly clashed with Stevie Wonder and the audience was on the small side, because people who missed it, really did miss out on one of the highlights of the festival.
Since then I've been investigated their somewhat prolific back catalogue. Whilst I think I prefer Bitte Orca as it's probably more accessible, there is lots of great material to be found on Rise Above and The Getty Address (for starters!).

They have an recent-ish EP out with Bjork - Mount Wittenberg Orca - download that at http://www.mountwittenbergorca.com/ - the proceeds all go to charity - to help preserve international marine habitats so get involved.

What prompted this post however, was the news that Dirty Projectors will be returning to the UK to play Koko on Tuesday 7th December. See http://www.atpfestival.com/events/dirtyprojectorskoko.php for details and tickets. Cannot wait to see them again after Glastonbury.  So get tickets and I'll see you near the front.
They are also playing ATP Bowlie 2 curated by Belle and Sebastian the following weekend.

If you are not familiar with Dirty Projectors - here are a couple of starting points. Firstly the amazing "Two Doves"
Dirty - Projectors - Two Doves by morrisday

...and a wonderful video to probably their biggest song to date:

Dirty Projectors "Stillness is the Move" from Monte Lomax on Vimeo.