Caitlin Rose #6 - Live at Camp Basement Review, 19th August 2010

(Photo by Anika in London)
There were high expectations of Caitlin Rose at Camp Basement yesterday evening. She’s the current darling of this site and her album "Own Side Now" has received overwhelming praise since its release on August 9th, clearly on the verge of big things, it was exciting to see her in an intimate (and somewhat dingy) venue...

First was Artur Dyjecinski who won me over completely with his final two songs “one upbeat, one downbeat”, which were definite highlights of his half hour set. The last song, a wonderful acoustic track with his band singing a capella without instrument especially highlighted Artur’s impressive baritone voice.
The songs were warm country-folk and impressed me. I looked for a CD to pick up afterwards, but couldn’t find one which is a shame.

Next was Caitlin, a large crowd were eager to see her wonderful album translated to a live show. An over-long introduction let slip a few nerves on her first date in the UK since May, Caitlin then introduced her band (no drummer who Caitlin later jokes “I couldn’t afford to bring my drummer, ‘cos he drinks too much”).

From the first notes of "Learnin' to Ride" the crowd lapped up the Nashville singer’s engaging and honest set. Caitlin asked at it's end "That was all right?..." cheers in reply "...then we're good...". Very.
“Own Side” worked wonderfully, as probably my favourite song off the album I was delighted to hear it live and it highlighted Caitlin's amazing voice. The lyrics get me every time “Who's gonna want me when // I'm just somewhere you've been // Who's gonna want me now // and who’s gonna take me home".
Next followed a more stripped down version of “For The Rabbits” than we see on the album, by then the audience (minus a few chatterboxes at the back) were like putty in the hands of Caitlin.

The first up-tempo song “Spare Me” worked wonderfully well, Jordan on bass and backing vocal helping bring out the best in this wonderful track. Jeremy on guitar also takes merit for some lovely solos throughout the set. Another amusing intro “I haven’t talked much, so now I feel like I should” before Caitlin announces she has a “bit of a cold” and launches into one of the set’s highlights “Shanghai Cigarettes” with such splendour that without such a frank admission, I don’t think anyone in the audience would have guessed.

The set closing “Sinful Wishing Well” was a goose bumps moment, such effortless professionalism had most of the room in a flutter, like so many of the audience lapping up every note, I think I fell in love in a shabby Concrete Basement in Old Street. Thanks, Caitlin.

It was a perfect showcase for her album. A truer performer you are unlikely to see, equal parts charming, cute and funny, Caitlin Rose is a star, a minor blip being an over-zealous photographer just in-front of me who must have taken 400 pictures during the first 35 minutes of the set, his constant flash light bouncing off the ceiling and shutter noise must have annoyed everyone around him, and probably Caitlin whom was less than six feet away. There was no way I was going to allow this to detract from this gig though, and it didn't. Majestic.

Caitlin Rose at The CAMP Basement, 19th August 2010 Setlist:

Learnin’ to Ride
Own Side
For The Rabbits
Spare Me
New York City
Shanghai Cigarettes
Sinful Wishing Well

“I’ve got T-Shirts and a cold, so you should probably buy them from someone else” Caitlin said, I did buy one too, before I had to dash off somewhat earlier than I would have liked: Check them out below:

One final quote from Caitlin “Go buy our record, you’ll have so much fun with it”. Do that. Get it here:
Caitlin (and band) are back in London in September, do not miss out.
UK tour dates and tickets are on my last post here and if you haven’t seen it already, check out this informative interview Caitlin was kind enough to talk about her music influences, tastes and more, just for me. Big grin!

Stream "Sinful Wishing Well" Live at CAMP Basement below:
Caitlin Rose - Sinful Wishing Well (Live at CAMP Basement) by morrisday