Caitlin Rose #10 - New Tour and Brixton Windmill Review

As the picture kinda gives away; even before the current tour is over, we have some new dates for Caitlin. Given the overwhelming praise for the tour and album over here and the radio coverage from Marc Riley / Bob Harris, it's not surprising she is back in the UK for another tour so soon.
XOYO promises to be a wonderful new venue in London. No ticket links live just yet, try the sites in the picture.

Another London show! As if the November news wasn't good enough alone - we now have a farewell show on the 4th October (not that 5 weeks is too long to wait!) - at The Social - tickets are priced at a barmy sum of £6.00 - be quick from:

Monday 6th September saw Caitlin Rose play Brixton Windmill show. If you've been following my shambolic writing for a while, you'll know I'm quite found of the Nashville singer. However, it's only right to say that I fall even more in love on a dark, damp and pretty miserable evening in South London...

I'm pretty sure Caitlin has found herself playing in venue's way too small for her the last few weeks, that was certainly the case at The Windmill, her third appearance there to substantially more than the last one I imagine, an evening where even impending tube strikes don't stop the pub being filled to the rafters with people squeezing near to the stage, to get a vantage point of Caitlin and band, once a spot was found only the bravest dared move, or someone else would have taken the spot in a blink of an eye.

The first amusement of the evening came when Caitlin refers to the crowd as good looking - now I go to a "few" gigs and it's the youngest I've felt for some times, at 28 that was a nice change! The crowd, whilst more "mature" than normal are also great. Attentive and conscientious, Caitlin's natural and effortless performance on stage makes the crowd of the Brixton pub turn quieter than a Library. As well as her songs, Caitlin entertains you with amusing mid-song banter and jokes with her band, she is one of the most complete, natural performer I've seen in a long time, born to be on stage. Everything seems effortless to her.

Her backing band too are excellent - Jeremy is a top guitar player and Jordan's vocals complements Caitlin's perfectly and she is great on bass too. (I'm guessing we'll see the return of drums on the November tour). The songs are fantastic, the start of the set see's most of the tracks from "Own Side Now" make an appearance.

My favourite part of the evening arrives with the banter before "Bottles" where Caitlin asks the audience to join in a sing-a-long to a song about being drunk . The majority of the audience weren't too eager at the outset, but soon after, the beauty of the occasion won most over, and by the second verse most of the crowd were singing along with Caitlin.
I think this managed to encapsulate the evening perfectly.

Caitlin finds enough time to pay homage to one of her heroines, Linda Ronstadt with a cover of "He Dark The Sun" before finally giving into the repeated requests by playing "Gorilla Man", it's what her tambourine was for after-all!

Yes, it's definitely love.

Caitlin Played:
Learnin' to Ride
Own Side
New York City
Spare Me
For The Rabbits
Shanghai Cigarettes
Sinful Wishing Well
Shotgun Wedding
That's Alright
Answer In One of These Bottles
He Dark the Sun
Gorilla Man

Listen to "Bottles" below:
Caitlin Rose - "Bottles" at Brixton Windmill by morrisday