Dream Affair - New Music "Introducing"


Dream Affair is the new project from Hayden Payne, formerly of Void Vision. I was interested in giving this a spin because "In 20 Years" is one of the finest tracks I've heard all year, it's a dark electro beauty...

The five tracks that make up the debut Dream Affair EP "All I Want" sit much more in the gothic rock / post-punk category.

From the opening riff on "Silent Story" it will grab your attention, it's so good you'll think it's from some 1980's classic. It's a feeling you'll encounter more than one time when listening to these five tracks.

There are clear influences from 1980's cult bands (yes Joy Division / Echo and the Bunnymen before you start). However, the EP sounds fresh, similar to what O Children / The Horrors have managed to achieve on their recent releases. Whilst obvious homage is paid, there is also a unique sound to the music that keeps you listening rather than reaching for your Bauhaus LP's. "All I Want" is another excellent track, half way through we have a prolonged guitar and drum-beat instrumental that is dark, moody and utter mesmerizing. Epic.

"Until the Fall" has an omnipresent synth sound throughout that manages to keep loyal to the raw punk and noir theme of the Ep. What keeps grabbing me about Dream Affair are the guitar riffs. "A Cure" has another killer one, as well as a crashing drum machine beat that is heard throughout and works excellent.

The intro to "No Use Hiding" is the closest you get to Void Vision with it's synth beats before Hayden's voice begins and you remember this is well and truly a new project.
Dream Affair have created a cohesive EP, one that makes you excited to hear what the future has in store. Big things if this promise can be followed up.

Basically to cut to the chase, it's fucking awesome.

100 Hand-made CDr's of the EP were produced last month, a handful remain. Be quick and get one via the bandcamp link. Listen to a sample of the EP below:
<a href="http://dream-affair.com/album/all-i-want">All I Want by Dream Affair</a>