Glasser #3 - 'Ring' Album Review

There is a lot of female led electronic material being released at the moment, a lot of it good. 'Ring', the debut LP from Cameron Mesirow who records under the moniker Glasser is another fine example.

"Apply" sets the scene, multi-textured experimental soundscapes complete with an intense pounding tribal beats and dreamy chants reminiscent of Bjork, Bat for Lashes et al. Along with "Night" off the recent Zola Jesus release "Apply" has to rate as one of the strongest opening tracks for some time.

Lead single "Home" complete with sweeping orchestra, harmonies, hand claps and commanding, looping synths is an obvious highlight.

The ethereal sounds continue throughout genre defying electro-pop / psychedelic noise swarming around and demanding your attention. "Mirrorage" definitely a standout, more Fever Ray than Bjork, it's electronic vocal alterations and beat is both memorable and wonderful.
"Glad" is more soothing, highlighting the clarity and gorgeousness of Cameron's vocal and early 12" single "Tremel" another highlight.

As far as criticisms go, and this might just be me, but sometimes I did get lost, "Clamour" is somewhere between horn and keys and ends the album on it’s poorest note.
Overall though, this is another fine, fine debut, 2010 has had so many.

8.0 / 10

Listen to Home:
Glasser - Home by morrisday

Ring is out now via True Panther

You can still get tickets to see her for free on October 11th at Macbeth, London from here: