Mountain Man #4 - Live at Queen's Hall + St Giles Church Review

Photo by Queens Hall - listen to the gig at the end of this post.

Mountain Man played an amazing headline set in London last week, 2nd September...

The setting was perfect, St Giles really was a beautiful Church, it was the perfect venue to showcase them and you have to thank Bella Union for putting the girls on their ahead of some basement in East London.

The three girls really are a rare treat, their giggling and cuddling of each other throughout the set really warms your heart - they are 100% natural, their chemistry and honesty really adds to their appeal and shows throughout their music.

They laugh with the audience mid song, the crowd is in a silent trance apart from during the humorous intervals, the wonderful harmonies from the three girls beautiful voices encapture you, the surroundings were magnificent - it was the perfect way to spend a Thursday evening. If only it didn't go so quickly. Mesmerising

The Mountain Man are very, very special. Make sure you don't miss them next time they come to town.