palms on fire - New Music "Introducing"

I'm going to post five or six new bands (or new to me) over the weekend. Then next week I'll probably resume my Caitlin love. Brixton Windmill on Monday - whoop!

I'm very much looking into setting up a DIY non-for-profit label to put out some limited 7" of the music that I like. (interested?) This wonderful group from Russia would  be the sort of thing I want to put out there...

Palms on Fire have two EP's which you can download for free my going to their myspace site above. I'd recommend you do that. To fall victim of labelling their music I'd say they fit in with noise/surf pop that's doing so well at the moment. I live every single one of the six tracks - this shall be getting a lot of play from me.

Listen to one of their tracks here to see for yourself:
palms on fire - palm tree by morrisday