The Horn The Hunt - New Music "Introducing"

I came across Leeds band The Horn The Hunt whilst trawling reviews, a couple of decent reviews later and I was on their myspace, a couple of songs later and I was buying their debut album off iTunes, a couple of days later this appears. Just goes to show the wonder of music and the Internet for me.

It's got a similar vibe to Zola Jesus, of whom I am deeply in love with! Mix Zola Jesus, The Knife and Portished and I don't think you are too far away.

This is some excellent dark electro pop, seems it's my favourite genre at the moment! This isn't mainstream dross, it's interesting and creepy, compelling yet insane. "Raptor" combines an eerie haunting vocal with an atmospheric rumbling drum beat and catchy bassline with added presence of hand-claps running throughout, this is a bold statement of intent. It's the first single from the forthcoming 2011 release, 'Depressur Jolie'. Buy the single (out 1st November).

Want Proof? Take a listen to "Raptor":

The Horn The Hunt - Raptor by morrisday

Their live show sounds fantastic, it's a shame their next London show on the 30th November at The Drop (lovely 100 capacity venue in Stoke Newington - don't be put off there is a bus stop just outside) clashes with The National at Brixton - I'll certainly be on the lookout for other dates in the future.

Here's a video for “Old Town Cow” another excellent new song: